Amidst so much uncertainty, there is at least one certain outcome. It is change. Embracing this change, the entertainment industry needs to be positive and proactive in looking for opportunities to regenerate.

The relationships and the discussions we have had with our colleagues this summer has led us to the conclusion that there is no way that there is sufficient money left in the industry to carry on in the ‘BC’ (before Covid) world.

At the same time, we recognise that ours is very much a ‘people’ business and that it is essential that we get together on a regular basis to market what we do, to communicate, to network and to support each other in our community. Zoom has its place but it is no substitute for the real thing.

We are conscious that the extraction of valuable resources from the industry will contribute to a slower recovery, so costs for REBOOT are going to be kept as low as possible. This will be a ‘not for profit’ event. The Business Design Centre is the ideal venue for us. The space is flexible and will be able to accommodate our diverse and last minute requirements.

Thank you for supporting us. Feel free to pick up the phone.

David & Isobel

0207 993 4038