You may be familiar with the industry slogan “A Gig’s a Gig.” In December, we started working for the NHS as part of a wide ranging effort to combat the spread of the virus. We are now supporting the vaccination programme and are running a  transport service for NHS staff in need. Arguably this is the most important gig to add to our portfolio. Only by taking active steps to sort out the Covid crisis are we going to have a chance to get the live entertainment industry back on its feet. As far as we can make out, our role with our local Healthcare Trust will take us up to Easter. After that – who knows?


Meanwhile – a word about working for the NHS. Core currency in the organisation are words like care, kindness, generosity, support and gratitude. It is a people business. We are enormously fortunate to be involved with the NHS and will be returning to the entertainment industry as soon as possible with a fresh perspective.


The future is exciting. It will be different. Many people have suffered unbelievable hardship and difficulty and many of these people have shown such resilience to the level where their new skills and approach will be the platform for the future.