We fill short/medium term gaps

The degree to which we now embrace change will have a profound effect on our businesses, our livelihoods and our future.

We have been ‘given permission’ to get going again but many of us find ourselves in a very different world. Many people have had to leave the industry over the past year. The big challenge is how we rebuild in a sustainable manner.

The Event Kit offers a low cost, high value production and back office services to the Events, Entertainment and Hospitality Industries. Our expertise is in filling gaps. Our service is limited only by your imagination.

Many businesses have had to cut overheads and are now facing the difficult task of rebuilding. We recognise that the process will be gradual and are offering an affordable service ‘on demand’ to help a sustainable recovery. 

We have an eclectic range of experience which enables us to provide an innovative, flexible and effective approach to the work we undertake.

We are David and Isobel with a well established background in the production side of the entertainment industry. We have always worked in a ‘people’ business and our forte is that we are reliable, committed and always attend to detail. 

When our industry closed down in 2020 we made the decision to address the portability of our skills. We now specialise in short term project solutions in any business sector where our skills may be deemed to be relevant or useful. 

December 2020 – May 2021. A new addition to our portfolio. We have been providing a staff transport service for the NHS in Berkshire. Our operational base is in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Our skill-sets are highly portable. We could well be what you are looking for.


Project Planning & Management

Project Administration & Support

Event Planning & Production

Site Infrastructure, Construction & Management

Exhibition Management & Operation

Exhibition Sales & Marketing

Transport & Logistics Operations

Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

WordPress Website Publishing

CAD Drawing – Vectorworks

Event/Function Catering up to 150 capacity


We use


Microsoft Office

Adobe Creative Suite

Vectorworks Fundamentals




Basecamp (Extranet)

Zoom & Teams




A Different Gig

You may be familiar with the industry slogan "A Gig's a Gig." In December, we started working for the NHS as part of a wide ranging effort to combat the spread of the virus. We are now supporting the vaccination programme and are running a  transport service for NHS staff in need. Arguably this is the most important gig to add to our portfolio. Only by taking active steps to sort out the Covid crisis are we going to have a chance to get the live entertainment industry back on its feet. As far as we can make out, our role with our local Healthcare Trust will take us up to Easter. After that - who knows?   Meanwhile - a word about working for the NHS. Core currency in the organisation are words like care, kindness, generosity, support and gratitude. It is a people business. We are enormously fortunate to be involved with the NHS and will be returning to the entertainment industry as soon as possible with a fresh perspective.   The future is exciting. It will be different. Many people have suffered unbelievable hardship and difficulty and many of these people have shown such resilience to the level where their new skills and approach will be the platform for the future.  

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Looking Ahead

We are part of the supply chain that has taken a big hit. Over recent years, our role has been one where we bring our community together in an annual event where we buy, sell, network and exchange. The business model has been a trade show/exhibition where a core part of the purpose is to generate a profit for a business or cause. These profits have been ploughed back into the industry through trade bodies such as PLASA and the ABTT.   The picture has now changed and this business model only makes sense if exhibiting companies have the finances to invest in exhibiting. The model now needs to change to match the resources that are available and the needs of the people who work in the industry. Last September, we planned an event for March 5th, thinking that we would surely be on the way back by then. Quite clearly, the expectation of doing anything at all before Easter is totally unrealistic. It may be that some kind of road map might start making sense after Easter, which is our next landmark for reviewing how best to get everyone together. When we resurface, our commitment will be to design an event that is 'not for profit' and delivers what our industry is looking for to help the recovery process.   In fairness, none of us know how this is all going to pan out.   A good building requires solid foundations. The first building block for our new event will be a well stocked bar. Everything else will have to work around it. People come first. That's all we know for sure at the moment.

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